In order to achieve new ranks in our system, students must test in front of a panel of our Black Belt judges. Testing takes place every two months to ensure that our students do not rush through the ranks and that they have a better grasp of their martial arts training.

  • Students must arrive on time; anyone arriving late will not be allowed to test.

  • A clean white uniform with the school patch must be worn by all students.

  • It is the responsibility of the student to supply any breaking materials required for their tests. (i.e., boards, bricks)

Testing Fees:

  • Yellow – $40

  • Yellow Stripe – $40

  • Purple – $45

  • Orange – $45

  • Blue – $55

  • Blue Stripe – $50

  • Green – $65

  • Green Stripe – $50

  • Green 2nd Stripe – $50

  • Red – $85

  • Red Stripe – $55

  • Red 2nd Stripe – $55

  • Black – $150

Registering for testing is not a guarantee that you will pass the test!

You must obtain permission from your instructor to test before registering!!

Our June Testings

take place outside in the park, close to our Burbank location.

Before testing, we also take our class picture! This is a great way to see how our students and our school have grown over the years. Following testing, we celebrate with our annual Potluck picnic!