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Re-Opening June 17th

We are excited to announce that we will be re-opening the studio on Wednesday June 17, 2020. Based upon the L.A County Health Department guidelines, many health and safety policies have been implemented at the studio to ensure the safety of our students and family. In order to provide a safe environment, there are several changes to our studio that we will be following. Some of the important changes include:

  1. Entrance screening for all patrons, using contactless thermometer

  2. KNMA requires facemasks for everyone entering the studio

  3. A thorough cleaning process before each class including the mat, stretch bar and all touchable surfaces

  4. Proper social distancing on and off the mat, with marked spots on the mat and marked seating spaces

  5. Modified classes incorporating social distancing between students

  6. Kids classes have been shortened to 45 minutes to accommodate the time for the cleaning process between each class

  7. At this moment there will be sparring with no contact. Therefore, students are not required to bring in sparring equipment

  8. We are requesting all students (or parents/guardians) to sign a COVID-19 Liability Waiver form (see attached, if you are able to, please sign and print             this document and bring it to the studio. We will also have copies at the studio).

  9. There is a change in the schedule for Yellow Belt Stripe Only, please see updated schedule (Found at the bottom of this post)

Importance Notice: According to the L.A. County Health Dept. we are able to operate at a 50% capacity or 25 people in the studio. Therefore, students will be checked in first to ensure we can accommodate all students. Once we have checked in all of the students, we can determine how many additional people we can accommodate in the school. We are requesting parents to wait until we are able to allow the parents in the studio or view the class from outside in a designated seating area to watch from the window. We recognize that this is a difficult request, if the classes become larger, we will revisit and implement a new process.  We will be trying our best to facilitate everyone and appreciate your patience in these developing times.

There will be a new process at the studio for the kid’s classes and patrons entering. For example:

Entering the studio:

  1. One designated entrance door will have the screening process

  2. After the screening & hand sanitizer process each student will be directed by a Black Belt where to place their belongings and then be directed to a place on the mat.

  3. Adults students will be screened and can place their belongings with social distancing practices

Leaving the studio:

  1. At the end of the classes, students will be excused one by one to retrieve their belongings and exit the studio in a timely manner to prevent overcrowding off the mat

  2. One designated exit door will be used, and students can use hand sanitizer before they leave

  3. We love that our family and students like to congregate before and after class however, based upon the current circumstances, we are requesting that this be done outside to allow for the cleaning process between the classes.

For the Students:

  1. KNMA is requesting all student to wear face masks (if there are questions regarding this, please contact Master Nagayama in advance)

  2. We encourage you to come to class already in a clean uniform however, the changing rooms are still available for those that need to change there. 3 people allowed at a time

We are very excited about the reopening of our studio and very mindful of the concerns about returning to the studio. If you need a program extension, please call Master Nagayama. We hope to see all of you soon, keep strong in your heart and mind. As we are reopening the studio, we will be discontinuing the zoom on line classes. Thank you for participating and we hope you enjoyed them.

 If you have any questions regarding the re-opening of the studio please call or email the studio.

Thank you

Master Nagayama

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